Casa-Grade 6 French

Bonne Année! – Happy New Year!

January has been another busy month in the French classroom.

All Casa students completed a unit on “Clothing” by learning the words shorts, t-shirt, pants, dress, skirt and shoes. Students enjoyed describing their clothes in each class.

Grade 1 students started and completed work on animals – both pets and farm animals. They thoroughly enjoyed the various games and interactive whiteboard materials used.

The Grade 2 class started a new programme of study which included an introduction into greetings and simple conversations. The use of games and Smartboard materials made it both informative and fun.

The Grade 3 students began a new unit called “My Pet”. The use of conversational situations and interactive games have made this unit come alive for the students.

The students in Grade 4 began a new unit also. They have started a unit entitled “A Good Year”. Students have become familiar with practicing saying the date in French and understanding French holidays.

The Grade 5 class’ new unit is called “What I Love”. They have been talking about hobbies and practicing saying what they like to do.

Finally the Grade 6 began a new unit also, entitled “Food’s Ready”. This unit teaches how to accept and refuse food politely, express food likes and dislikes and helps students practice ordering food.

Grade 3-6 will continue with their units of study into February while Casa-Grade 2 will have exciting new units to look forward to.

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