January in Casa

Happy New Year, everyone!

All of the kids were excited to return to school after a wonderful winter break!

Our Casa 1 classroom welcomed 3 new faces to the family:  Ms. Jilly and Ms. Mia (new teachers), and Emma Ipfling (new Kindergarten student).  We are happy to have them with us and we know they have lots of fun days ahead here at MBTS.

Casa 2 also welcomes Ms. Danni, who will provide individual learning support for one of the children.

January’s theme is LIFE:  Reptiles and Amphibians.  We’ll start by exploring the classification of living things and the features of these classes of vertebrates in the animal kingdom.  Children will learn about their habitats, food, enemies, adaptations and  life cycles, and will get to hear about some of the weirdest cold-blooded creatures on the planet.  We will also share lots of information about the reptiles and amphibians that make their home right here in Cayman, especially the green sea turtle and our own blue iguana.

The continent of focus for January is Europe, and both classes will invite the children to explore the geography, animals, countries and cultures of this fascinating region.  We’ll colour flags of European countries and learn about some of the different languages that are spoken there.  Of course, we’ll talk about Italy, birthplace of Maria Montessori herself, and location of the very first Casa dei Bambini classroom.

Progress reports will also be sent home this month, and Casa parents are invited to come in for a parent-teacher conference.  Sign-up sheets will be posted in the Casa cubby area, or you may call to arrange a convenient time.  Phone conferences are okay, too!

Be sure to read the weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on all the happenings at Montessori By The Sea!


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