Embracing Our Cayman Islands

As we spend February wrapping up our study of Asia, we also review commonalities shared between this extraordinary continent and the Cayman Islands, including cultures, land and water forms, biomes, and more.  We look at the differences as well, and especially the unique things that we should appreciate here.  We will celebrate our unique Cayman Islands via a field trip to the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park.  There, the students will take a close look at a historic Caymanian home, enjoy the diverse plantings of local fruit trees, view a variety of local wildlife (notably, the blue iguana), and share a snack together by the lake.  As always, we look forward to time together outside of the LED classroom and this field trip promises to be memorable.

When the students complete their projects on Asia, we look forward to inviting all parents to join us for a “potluck” Asian luncheon.  Our goal is to host this wonderful event by the end of February and we will send details as the date nears.  Projects will be on display and traditional Asian foods will be sampled, courtesy of volunteer parent chefs.  The students treasure this time together and we hope all of our parents will be able to attend.

We will also review the amazing human body in February and we’ll have a nutrition and fitness unit.  We trust this will help our students understand the importance of eating well and making good choices with food.

The mid-term break should bring some welcome rest for the students and we hope parents will be able to have some relaxation time with them as well!  Enjoy!

For further details on our goals for February, please select the link below:

February 2013

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