Asia bound!

As we wind down our in-depth study of Asia, a special meal beckons us.  The date has been set for March 8th and we look forward to sampling what we presume will be a cornucopia of Asian delights!  The students are working hard to complete their projects with high hopes of impressing parents during the luncheon.  Project writings and artwork will be on display around the room.
 The field trip to the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park was great fun.  The students were treated to a detailed explanation of how early Caymanians “made do” with what was available.  
The students were awed by the spectacle of beauty in the Color Garden.  Birds and butterflies were active and we were treated to many special sightings, such as the West Indian woodpecker, Grand Cayman parrot, Cuban tree frog, loggerhead kingfisher, assorted insects, and more. 
The students were especially excited to visit the Blue Iguana Recovery Program and learn about the efforts to repopulate the species.  We were able to see several juveniles, a couple of pregnant females, and plenty of big males.  One even greeted us at snack time!
The upcoming break means progress reports will be released soon beforehand.  This term, we are asking all parents to meet with us and review their child’s progress prior to receiving the progress report.  We will send an email reminder when we have posted the schedule.
To review our goals for March, please click on the link below:
 March Goals

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