Grade 8


The students completed a chapter on household chores and are now confidently able to discuss which chores they do to help out at home. (Whether they actually do them or not, is another matter!). Continuing along the same theme, we turned our attention to discussing chores in the past tense. We looked at how to use the negative with this tense too.

Having grasped these important grammar points, the students then adapted a text, in which they wrote a letter describing what they did last weekend. Amongst other things, they wrote about their hobbies, where they went, which sports they played, chores that they did and what they ate at meal-times. The students will finish this exercise by completing a computer version of the letter which will be on display on our classroom wall.

We have now finished the 4th unit of our text and have just completed the revision in class for the upcoming exams next week.


Mme Wendy

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