Spring Beginnings

The second term has come and gone in a flash: Throughout the past few months, we have made our way through the continents of the southern hemisphere. We carried on the ancient tradition of Aboriginal Dreamtime story-telling by weaving tales of our own, re-telling ancient tales using words, images and even shadows and light. We have traveled through the eucalyptus forests in search of mysterious marsupials, and we have braved the icy shores of the world’s largest and driest desert (Antarctica).

This term was marked by the Open House held earlier this month, during which the children excitedly shared their knowledge with the willing guests! Children proudly displayed dioramas of Australia’s and Antarctica’s biomes, sculptures of animals, and artwork that evokes the art of Aboriginal peoples. Parents enjoyed sitting alongside the children as they demonstrated how to use various pieces of Montessori materials, and listening to the students speaks confidently about their projects. Some students also read aloud various adaptations of Aboriginal stories, and also presented a shadow-puppet play based on the tale of the Rainbow Serpent.

We always welcome the opportunity to have the community come into the classroom, and we thank everyone who attended for helping making it the success that it was.

We are looking forward to beginning the third term with renewed energy and a refreshed outlook. We will be setting goals with the children as we enter the third and final term of the school year, starting with the goals that they identify using the Springtime Reflections work they have been asked to complete during the Easter break.

The third term promises to be one brimming with intellectual curiosity and great ideas. Throughout the first and second terms, students have been working hard to hone their research and writing skills, building them up to enable them to create meaningful and well-crafted projects. During the third term, we are looking forward to seeing all of the children consistently and fully apply their hard-earned skills on their individual and independent projects.

In terms of lesson themes, we will be focusing heavily on Science and Geometry in the third term, with emphasis on reviewing forces and matter, chemical changes, zoology and botany, and geometric concepts. We are particularly excited to be planning a classroom “Science Fair,” during which students will be able to share their probing questions and inventive solutions.

We hope that you all enjoy the holiday break and look forward to starting the third term on April 8th!

Happy Easter!

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