Goin’ Down Under!

We anticipate our students will be well rested and ready to tackle Term 3.  It is going to be an exciting term with another field trip, an immersion into the continent of Australia/Oceania, a second parent luncheon sharing authentic foods, and preparing for the National Children’s Festival of the Arts.

Term 3 will include many new lessons, but we will also allow ample time for students to revisit concepts learned these past two terms.  As the students continue to evolve with their writing abilities, new challenges will be presented to expand their comfort with tackling a variety of writing objectives.   These concepts can be further practiced at home by starting their own journals, creating a booklet of short stories with drawings, and writing letters and thank you cards to friends and family.

We look forward to having everyone back and starting Term 3!  For further details on our goals for April, please select the following link:

April 2013

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