NCFA Congratulations!

The National Children’s Festival of the Arts has passed and our students should be proud of their achievement.  They were so courageous, especially our first-graders, and so patient with all of the practice time!  We hope the children have now caught the “poetry bug” and perhaps some of them will write their own contributions for next year’s event!

Thank you parents for your support at home with extra practice and for those of you who were able to come and watch the students perform.  We believe they were a little less scared seeing so many familiar faces.



May will end with our second family luncheon, celebrating the culmination of our Oceania/Australia studies.  The students are impressed with the number of countries and that many of them are small islands, like the Cayman Islands.  As with all of our continental studies, our hope is to whet the children’s appetites and provide them with the tools to explore and satisfy their innate curiosity.

We are also excited about the upcoming Art Gala hosted by MBTS and organized by Ms. Denise with the help of others.  The students have begun preparing the background for what will be the “LED collective piece”.  This piece will be auctioned as a fundraiser.  We hope you’ll be able to join us for a viewing of many of the children’s art pieces from this past year and perhaps bid on your favorite art to take home!  The event will be on June 7th, from 7:30-9:30 p.m.  Tickets will be sold at the school for $35.00 and the gala will take place at the Dart Auditorium in The National Gallery.





Below are our goals for May.  Please select the link for more details.

May 2013 Goals


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