Grade 7 and 8 French


We have had a wonderful start to the year. Both groups have settled into the French programme, and have already completed the first unit in their course books!

The Grade 7s began the year by improving upon pronunciation, and have been studying different ways to help themselves learn new words. We also revised topics on greetings, where people live, ages, months and seasons, and pets. Within the context of these topics, we looked at ways to form simple questions, how to use clues to understand a text, and how to form plurals in French. Next week, we shall begin our second unit entitled ‘Ma famille’ (‘My Family’).

The Grade 8 students started the term by learning all about teen fashion. We studied specific clothing items, discussed and wrote about our favourite ‘looks’ and outfits, and what we wear for different occasions and types of weather. We ended the unit with the first of six episodes of our soap opera, in which we follow four teens through an evolving story line. The soap opera also reinforces all of the key language covered in each unit. The students enjoyed this immensely!


Mme Wendy

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