September Music with Ms Bex

Hi, I am Miss Bex and I am teaching Casa Music.

September has been a fantastic month!

The Kindergarteners have been learning how to use their voices: loud, quiet, singing, fast, slow, high, low. We have also been learning our numbers and colours by singing and dancing to fun action songs and parachute games outside. They have thoroughly enjoyed expressing themselves through dancing, singing and tapping rhythms out using the rhythm sticks, shakers and drums. We have been learning about rhythm and how to keep a continuous beat. We have also had a lot of fun playing rhythm games. The drums have been very popular!

The Casa Year 1 and 2s have been a joy to teach this September. They have loved expressing themselves with the use of drums, shakers, scarves and rhythm sticks. We have almost learnt the ‘Hello’ song that we sing at the beginning of each lesson. They have been learning about loud and quiet sounds and how to blow long and short breaths using the scarves. They have also enjoyed singing along and reading all about ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at You are always welcome to pop into the speciality room behind the Casa classroom.


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