September Visual Arts and Drama with Ms Bex

Hi. My name is Ms Bex and I teach Visual Arts and Drama to Upper El.

Upper El are a fantastic, energetic group who have a lot of ideas. We have a book in the class that they can write their ideas in and I hope to use some of the art idea over the course of this term and the drama ideas next term.

We have just finished a project on Henri Matisse. We have been learning about Primary colours and that mixing them together creates Secondary colours. We drew portraits of our partners and then, using acrylic and oil pastel crayons, we painted in the style of Henri Matisse. Using only the Primary colours to create contrast and texture they produced some lovely, thoughtful work. Well done!

The next few weeks we will be making Mexican bowls out of paper mache and also some large paper mache fish.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at or pop in and see me in the Specialties room which is behind the Casa classroom.

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