Exploring Our World . . .

September has passed so quickly and the students new to LED are adapting to the nuances of working in a Montessori Lower Elementary classroom.  We invite our parents to schedule an observation to experience the inspiring dynamics of our educational community.  The older children are mentoring the younger students and the community works toward the shared goal of a peaceful environment where a love of learning is fostered and enriched.









Together, we have explored the beginnings of our universe, solar system, and the earth.  We have studied what makes the earth special and that it is a living and ever-evolving planet.  We even shared our first science experiment, exploring different kinds of soil and their permeability.  The curiosity of the students, their predictions about what would happen, and their fascination with the results was amazing to watch.  We look forward to more experiments as we delve into atoms and matter in October.


Along the way, new friendships have formed, pride in the achievement of goals has developed, and we’ve shared many joyous moments.









The students have relished their Art experiences with Miss Denise and their incredible creations are displayed in our classroom (stop by for a look!).

We look forward to what’s bound to be another month of extraordinary growth and development in our LED community.  Please remember, the school will be closed October 21st -25th.  Consequently, our last Friday of the month is October 18th, which will be a special Dress Down Day dedicated to anti-bullying.  Please also note that students are permitted to wear costumes to school on Halloween Day, October 31st; however, we are asking that no candy or treats be sent.

To review our goals for October, please select the following link:

October 2013


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