Upper Elementary Classroom September Blog!

We have been very busy settling back in for this school year.

We are excited to have the Grade 4s in the classroom, as well as the new students from different schools and other countries. Welcome and we hope you have a good year!

Some topics in Science this month have been: ‘Healthy Living’ and ‘Micro-Organisms’. We have also been learning about the solar system, atmosphere, vertebrates and watching the speed of mold on different types of bread. In Math we are learning about integers, notation, long division, division with decimals and Mayan Math. In Language we have been discussing adjectives, conjugating verbs and plural nouns. The books in novel study are: The Stone, The Monkey’s Paw and The Lion and The Ant.

In Kids C.A.R.E we have helped with the turtle excavations, helping those turtles who were left behind.

Up Coming Events:
The Lemonade Stand is on the 11th of October. The money that we raise will go to the Helping Hands Jamaican Foundation.

The next football game is on the 5th of October, please come and support the team!

By: Emma Bennett and Marleigh Smith (Grade 5 Students).

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