Casa November Blog

November certainly came and went in a flash! We hope that everyone had an enjoyable month. Our Casa community continues to keep very busy; the days are packed with lots of learning, exploring and plenty of fun!

The theme in Casa during November was “LIFE: Plants, Algae and Fungi”. We spent lots of time learning about different plants and their various uses. Students learned to recognize the four main parts of a plant – seed, root, leaf and flower. They even used them to make art! Our vegetable paint prints turned out beautifully.

We also learned about specific plants that are indigenous to Grand Cayman! Casa students got a visit from Mr. Frank Conolly and Mr. Mac Conolly. They taught us about the multiple uses of the Silver Thatch Palm tree and even showed us how to plait dried leaves. Thank you Mr. Frank and Mr. Mac, we learned so much!

With the holidays right around the corner, December is bound to be an eventful month. We are already looking forward to the upcoming theme: “Wonderful World”. We hope that your December is filled with the utmost holiday joy!

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