Discovering Planet Earth in October!

October was a fast and fun month in Casa!

We took a look at all different aspects of “Planet Earth”, and the month began with the 1st “Great Lesson” – the Birth of the Earth. The children watched in amazement, and especially loved the popping of the sparkle balloon!

We took a closer look at all types of land forms, water and weather…but the DEFINITE favorite was the week of “Furious Forces”. The children loved learning about earthquakes, tsunamis, glaciers and volcanoes—those billions of years ago, those from recent history, and those that still exist today. We even had a special visit from the Lower Elementary students who demonstrated the eruption of the volcano that they made in class.

Near the end of the month, our “Halloween Week” was a big success! The students enjoyed making pumpkin shakers and dressing up in costumes/pajamas for our annual party!

Next month, we are diving into the world of “Life; Plants, Algae & Fungi” and looking forward to our 1st Field Trip of the year!

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