Grade 7 and 8 French


The Grade 7s have just begun the third unit, in which we explore the topic of  ‘School’. This week, we learned the differences between French and Cayman school life. We also talked about what classroom objects we have and don’t have. In addition, we learned how to apply our existing knowledge of French sounds to pronounce new words, and had fun practising French handwriting! Next week, we will learn learn about school subjects.

Unit 3 of the Grade 8 course is on the topic of’ ‘Television, Cinema and Going Out’. This week, the students learned the names of some French TV channels, and looked up a TV guide to find out the times that some programmes are on. We also learned the name of different types of TV programmes, and had lots of discussion about which ones we like/dislike. There was much agreement and disagreement! Next week, we shall learn the different types of films and what we are going to see at the cinema.


Mme Wendy

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