November Casa-Grade 6 French


November was another busy month in the Casa and Elementary French classes. The Casa students learned how to say members of their family and started learning some animal names. Grade 1 students continued work on numbers and colours and were introduced to some pieces of clothing. In Grade 2, students used their knowledge of numbers and dates, which have been reinforced all month, to plan a birthday party. Students in Grade 3 have been working towards a final puppet show project using all the vocabulary from this unit (saying our names, asking others their names, asking how someone is, saying what language they speak and giving opinions). The Grade 4 students have continued to work on members of the family and naming school items. In Grade 5, students have been working on numbers to 100 and saying when they were born. Students in Grade 6 have been working towards completing their unit on places and directions. All in all, a very busy and productive month!!

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