PE – Positively Energetic

The students have been very busy over the last two months!

In October, K-8 faced the challenges of field hockey with a smile on their faces and were mastering the skills needed to play games by the end of the month.

Ks & G1s played many fun small games using hockey sticks and balls which thought them correct grip, worked on control of the ball and basic rules of field hockey.

The older children learned different types of dribbling, stopping ball stick side and reverse side, passing and receiving moving balls and played both 2v2 and small sided games.

November came along, and we moved onto our next unit- Tag Rugby. Tag Rugby is probably one of the children’s favorite units. It is a wonderful fast-moving, non-contact invasion game suitable for boys and girls

The fast nature of the game leads to rapid switching from attack to defence. This in turn means a wide range of skills are developed as well as teamwork  and communication.

Toddler Students

These little ones brighten up my Tuesday and Thursday every week. We spend time on stretching through song, jumping, throwing, catching and kicking to mention just a few. They are progressing each week and most importantly having a lot of fun.

Casa Year 1s & 2s now have grasped the concept of tag games and we are having a great time playing them. Some children are even using their imagination and  coming up with new ways to play and share and teaching myself and the other children. These tag games help with speed, agility, balance and coordination.  In each class they also work on skills such as throwing, catching, jumping, hopping, etc.


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