The Spirit of Giving

The LEU class joyfully practised the spirit of giving throughout the months of November and December.

Children making “recycled” instruments.

Our study of South America took both a philanthropic and musical turn this term, inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of the Landfillharmonic Orchestra of Paraguay. The children were very moved when they watched a short video about the special music program, which enables less privileged youth to nurture their love of music by providing amazing musical instruments made

The “Anaconda” group beating out their rhythm.

out of “trash.” Using recycled materials (and with some help from parents and teachers), each of the children created a musical instrument out of recycled items

The “Toucan/Macaw” group proudly performing.

such as tin cans, empty bottles, paper tubes, and even a motorcycle helmet and keys! Their hard work came together during a special “Amazon Rainforest” presentation, which the children wrote and performed during the Open House. It was very exciting for the children to be able to invite the parent audience to donate funds to the landfillharmonic, and we are pleased to share that we were able to donate $46 (KYD) to the Landfillharmonic Orchestra! Thank you to all of the parents who supported the children in their effort to show care for others.

Making peppermint bark.

During the last few days of the term, the children continued to happily indulge in the spirit of giving by carefully making intricate paper star “lanterns” for the

Presenting a paper star to the Toddler class.

Toddler, Casa and LED classes. They loved putting so much care and effort into making gifts for others. They also worked together to prepare and bake holiday treats for each other: strawberry Santas, peppermint bark and mini-mince pies (with homemade pastry).

It has truly been a wonderful first term, and the entire class took great pleasure in being able to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season: giving and sharing with others. We look forward to seeing all of the children back at school on January 6, 2014, and wish all families a blessed Christmas, and a joyful New Year!

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