A time of gatherings, peace and joy . . .

This has been an incredible first term.  LED students have grown and shared many unique experiences together and we have a truly amazing community of caring and generous citizens.  Our goal is to help our students become good “learners” as well as good people, seeking out the myriad of resources for gaining knowledge and discovering their own pathways to successful learning.  We are pleased to see so many students rising to the challenge of being part of their educational team triad (parents, teachers, and the student).  It has been a marvelous first term of enrichment and personal growth.

Our field trip to the mangroves was fascinating for all with many hands-on opportunities to interact with the unique flora and fauna of this Cayman Islands ecosystem.  The students made us proud, sharing their knowledge and impressing the guide during the adventure.  We were also happy to be complimented on how well-behaved the students were!

LED students observe red mangrove roots and their ecosystems.









The students learned how to safely handle a mangrove (a/k/a upside down) jellyfish.

All of the students enjoyed licking the salt off of black mangrove leaves.









A “thumbs up” for black mangrove leaves!

The students were thrilled to participate in the final two Great Lessons:  The Story of Writing and The Story of Numbers.  They were able to dabble with ancient writing and number systems in order to appreciate how challenging it must have been for early civilizations to communicate.  LED students also learned how the migration of humans throughout the world yielded many different languages and cultures.  This segued into our discussions about the many different ideas, belief systems, and ways of celebrating various holidays around the world this time of year.  The students thus develop an awareness of and tolerance for beliefs and ideas that may differ from their own.

The students are very proud of the art they created and the workbooks they have filled and taken home.  They have worked hard and we trust they will enjoy their much-deserved break.  We wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons and a prosperous and healthy 2014!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a joyous New Year from the LED Community!



LED and LEU share a lovely moment with Santa!


Please click the link below for more information regarding our upcoming goals for January.  See you next year!

January 2014

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