Grade 7 and 8 French


Our first month back at school has been a very productive one!

The Grade 7s learned the Present Tense of some common verbs, and have been putting them into practice.  They also began a unit on “Hobbies” and “Sports”, and talked about which ones they do, giving their opinions about them. More recently, we discussed the various places to visit in a town. Next, we shall discuss what we do at the weekend, and learn how to improve what we say.

Having enjoyed reading the third episode of their soap opera, the Grade 8s moved on to the fourth unit in their course, in which we revised sports, and learned how to talk about which instruments we play, or would like to play. We also learned how to discuss daily routines (including tackling some important reflexive verbs!). We then moved on to naming different household chores, and said what we do /don’t do on a regular basis. This proved to be an interesting topic! Next week, we shall listen to and act out episode four of our soap opera.


Mme Wendy



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