Casa: Our Solar System……and Beyond!

This month in Casa we boarded our space shuttle and traveled throughout our Solar System. We visited the moon and learned about craters. We looked at photographs of the sun and learned about temperatures. We learned the names of the 8 planets and talked about their distances from the sun….did you know that Neptune is 2,798,000,000 miles from the sun?!

We also focused on our own planet this month. We traveled back in time to the birth of the earth and the earliest forms of life. We used timelines and eras at Circle to understand just how old our planet is! We also looked at the atmosphere which surrounds our planet, and why it is vital to our survival.

Our beach walks are now in full swing. As well as enjoying the fresh air and exercise, we are also fostering environmental awareness and respect for our planet by removing debris and trash washed up on shore. We have found some interesting shells, rocks,  sea fans  and have even spotted the odd hermit crab!

Our continent of focus this month is Asia, which means that we are practicing locating the continent on a globe  and talking about what makes that continent unique. We will be looking at flags, animals and the landmarks of the continent.

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