Casa: Under the Microscope!

January’s theme was Life: Under the Microscope! We enjoyed learning about the 3 basic states of matter and finding examples of each in the world around us. We sang a very catchy song entitled “There are 3 States of Matter:  Solid, Liquid, Gas” sung to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus” to help us remember!

We took a look at cells and their functions and had fun looking at things in the classroom using various types of magnifying glasses! The highlight of the month was the wonderful presentation from LEU where we viewed a dragonfly’s wing and a grasshopper’s leg “Under the Microscope”. We learnt about some of our tiniest enemies: bacteria and viruses and how good hygiene can help us fight infection/illness. We practiced blowing our noses, coughing and sneezing into the crook of our arm and washing our hands lots of times!

We all enjoyed celebrating Heroes Day at home but we had fun discussions about what everyone thought a hero was – a lot of us should be wearing capes and masks apparently! We finished off the month investigating the important and necessary roles that tiny organisms play in keeping our bodies and environment healthy and balanced.

Not forgetting our continent of focus – Europe. We enjoyed learning about languages spoken in Europe and how to say hello and count in some of those languages. We named important landmarks and talked about the wonderful food found in some European countries. Our Kindergarteners also enjoyed doing their first projects on a European country of their choice.

Progress reports have been sent home this month, and Casa parents are invited to come in for a parent-teacher conference. Sign-up sheets are posted in the Casa cubby area, or you may call to arrange a convenient time. Phone conferences are okay, too!

Be sure to read the weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on all the happenings at Montessori By The Sea!

Au revoir! Adios! Ciao!

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