Embracing Nature in March

Thanks to all of our parents and students for making our South America luncheon a smashing success!  The food was fabulous and there was a great variety of items to sample.  Next will be North America, so start planning for our sequel lunch in May!



Sports Day was also great fun for all involved and the students did their best to help their teams and perform at top level.

The Arctic Foxes










The Blue Waves

The Green Dragons












The Red Ninjas

The Black Knights












The Yellow Cheetahs


During March, the students will have an intensive focus on Ecology, covering a myriad of topics ranging from biodiversity to conservation.  This will allow a great opportunity to relate these topics to the uniqueness of our planet and our islands.  Encourage your child to discuss animals they see, their place in the food chain, how they may have adapted to survive here, the importance of protecting them, etc.  We plan to have a hands-on experience with our local turtle farm this month as a field trip.

For further details on our goals for March, please select the link below:

March 2014

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