French in janvier

Bonjour et Bonne Année!

January proved to be another productive month in the Casa-Elementary French Classroom.

The Casa students have learned some new vocabulary words for articles of clothing and have started to discuss modes of transport.

Grade 1 students have been busy talking about different foods and have begun a unit on “Animals”. Beginning a unit on “Body Parts” and “Colours”, students in Grade 2 are learning to describe themselves and others. The Grade 3 class also started a new unit on “Pets” (asking if someone has a pet and saying if they have a pet).

Another new unit for the Grade 4 class has them busy discussing holidays and the calendar. Grade 5 students have begun talking about hobbies and other activities, while the Grade 6 class has eagerly begun a unit on “Food”.

All in all, another great month in French!

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