Grade 7 and 8 French


The Grade 7s  learned how to talk about the pastimes and sports that they do. We also learned the Present Tense of some important verbs and put them into practice when discussing the above. The students were also recently introduced to the Past Tense and we used it to talk  about what we did on the weekend. We have come a long way since September!

The Grade 8s worked on using the Past Tense to talk about the topics we studied earlier in the month on daily routines and chores. They then adapted a letter to write about what they did to help at home, where they went and what they did on the weekend.   The students will soon proudly display their work on our classroom wall.  To end the unit, we listened to the  fourth episode of our soap opera. The students had fun acting out some of the frames and put much drama into it!


Mme Wendy

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