The Good with the Bad

Like many parents, I try to limit my children’s exposure to television and other electronic devices. Don’t get me wrong, I see the benefits of educational shows and games to keep your child busy while you prepare dinner and know all too well how life saving they can be during travel. More often than not, I remind myself that my very young children need to be exploring the natural world and of course there’s, “I didn’t grow up with that and turned out just fine.”

I recently came across an article titled ‘Toxic tablets expose kids to array of chemicals’. As a teacher and mother, it of course caught my attention and was immediately opened despite the time crunch of day-to-day tasks. The writer did not trash or praise electronic devises, but simply pointed out that despite the educational benefits technology is providing our youth, there is also the very dark side of exposure to lead, PVC and flame retardants. As one of many mothers purchasing BPA free items and storing food in glass containers to prevent chemical exposure…I was glad for the read and will continue to limit my child’s interaction with electronics. As an educator, I felt like it was “a point” for teachers all over the world as we find our profession struggling to engage children who are “plugged in”.

Let’s be honest, technology is here to stay and expands our knowledge in so many ways, but perhaps let’s not lose our connections by being connected.

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