April: Our Precious Planet


Even though April was a short month at school due to our Spring Break, we learned so much in Casa!

We started the month by learning about all of the different biomes and the animals that live in them. Did you know that Antarctica is actually considered a desert?!

The following week, we discussed all the ways in which we can keep the Earth beautiful and green. We learned about different types of pollution and brainstormed about the ways that we can help the Earth. Casa kids are all ready to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Most recently we took a field trip to the Glass Recycling Facility at Camana Bay. It was very informative for both the students and teachers. We got to watch a gigantic machine crush and sort all kinds of different glass bottles. It was very loud and very exciting!

All in all our April was fantastic!

We are wishing all MBTS families a safe and relaxing Spring Break! And don’t forget to do your part for the environment on Earth Day, April 22nd!

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