Grade 7 and 8 French


The Grade 7s have begun their fifth unit on “Food and Drink”. They discussed what they’d like to drink, and acted out a role play, in which they ordered drinks at a snack bar. They did very well! They also learned some foods, and worked on how to use the various words for ‘some’. We also learned how to build a vocabulary bank, and discovered how to increase our stock of words.  Next, we shall discuss what we are going to eat at a restaurant.

The Grade 8s started a new unit on “Travel and Holidays”. They learned the names of countries, and discussed which they are going to or have been to. The Grade 8s also studied means of transport, and learned the modes that you use/don’t use to go places. The language covered so far in this unit gave us an excellent opportunity to talk about their recent class trip to Washington DC! Next, we shall learn how to discuss and write about a dream holiday.


Mme Wendy


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