Grade 7 and 8 French


We are hard at work again, following our Easter break!

The Grade 7s have been talking about meals, and learning how to say what there is and isn’t. They also learned prices of foods, and studied the Euro. The students were able to look at some real Euro currency. They also studied quantities of food and packaging. The group began the sixth and final unit of our course this week, learning about the climate in Francophone countries. They also learned where French and other common languages are spoken around the world. This proved to be quite an interesting topic! Next, we shall talk about the weather and learn how to give a weather forecast.

The Grade 8 group continued their study on holidays and learned how to describe a trip in more detail. They played a game, ‘Game of Consequences’, and had quite a bit of fun reading out some of the students’ destinations! The fifth unit of our book, ended with our soap opera, and we now look forward to the sixth and final episode at the end of unit 6. The class started this unit by learning about what’s available in town. Next, we shall look at how to ask for directions on how to get to these places.


Mme Wendy




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