Nearly there!

We had a wonderful end to May with the North America luncheon.  The food was fabulous and there were many new things sampled by the students.  Thank you, parents, for your support!

Rhys Luncheon Dante Luncheon G1 Girls Luncheon























We also had a chance occurrence with Ms. Terri’s discovery that our NCFA poem author was someone she had recently met while walking.  Ms. Terri brought Ms. Molly to the school, who performed her poem for the students and explained her inspiration for Ballad of the Lost Mangrove.  She was thrilled to hear the students perform it and gave them high praise.

Miss Molly

June, as always, is bound to come and go quickly and we have a lot planned.  There is much to review and yet a few more things to learn.  Our Grade 3 students have explored the world with us over the past three years and made incredible strides in their knowledge.  We look forward to celebrating their advancement to Upper Elementary, though we will miss their leadership and spirit in our classroom.

The LED community is brimming with thoughtful students who are generous and enjoy reaching out to help others.  Throughout the year, students from all grades have been reading to the Casa classes and they were fabulous hosts for the Transitions Days with Casa 1 and Casa 2 Kindergartners.

Transitions 1

As we finish the final weeks of school, we encourage the students to reflect on their favorite moments, what they’ve learned, and what they hope to achieve next school year.  Our aim is to have them finish the year with a feeling of accomplishment and pride in what they’ve achieved.  Hence, much of their class time will be spent reviewing and practicing their skills.

For more details on our goals for June, please select the following link:

June Goals 2014

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