Thanks for a wonderful year!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese last few weeks of school have been fun-filled and enjoyable, with an exciting field trip to the Treasure Island Swim School and an after-school OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgallery of the children’s human body projects. Along with class meetings, mini-skits and other activities, these events have been lovely ways to end the school year.

Throughout the past year, we have found great joy in observing the children work in the classroom, noting the remarkable progress all of the children have made since the beginning of school.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn our older students, we have witnessed the emergence of care and consideration for their younger peers. It has been humbling and heartening to listen to older students in class impart their knowledge unto their friends with clarity, confidence and kindness. We cannot reiterate the value of the sharing of knowledge as the best gauge of mastery. As well, the learning is not limited to academic concepts; in the careful and considerate manner students share their knowledge with their friends, they also show a fundamental respect for each other and for themselves. They motivate and inspire each other not just as students but as human beings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn all of the children, we have observed the development of independence. From our youngest first-year child to our eldest third-year leader, we OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhave seen greater awareness of the responsibility that comes with freedom. They are now more than capable of not only being conscious of what needs to be done on their own, but also of being able to advise and remind their peers. In class, the students have developed the ability to navigate through the different areas of knowledge, make thoughtful choices, and challenge themselves. Through the careful building of solid work habits throughout the year, we have fostered a classroom culture that encourages students to explore their own ideas and apply and enrich different, unique skills and abilities in the process.

We have had a very special year in LEU, and we are so proud of how much the children have grown as students, as individuals, and as members of society.

We wish Dylan, Ella and Sam all the best as they embark upon their new adventures!

Have a wonderful summer!


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