Parenting is (not) easy!

If surveyed, I’m not sure how many parents would select the statement: “I find parenting easy.” I came across this article over the summer and had to read it to see which things I do and upon sharing it with friends, found at least one point resonated with each of them. If you missed the article, I’ve provided a condensed version of ‘Six Things Parents Should Stop Doing’:

1. YOUR KIDS’ HOMEWORK! Yes, gently suggesting how your child should do her work or slipping her the answer will allow you to get to bed on time and her to avoid stress. What you must consider is, are if you are willing to do this for the long haul and the morals you want her to practice for life?

2. OVER ENROLLING IN ACTIVITIES. How do you feel on those weeks you have late meetings, social events and projects due on top of the daily tasks of work and caring for your children? Your child will more than likely feel the same and shuttling her from place to place gets added to your schedule. Ready for a nap?

3. EMAILING THE TEACHER…OBSESSIVELY. I have to tread carefully given I’m a parent and teacher, but let me keep it simple. We were somehow okay in the care of our teachers without the convenience of cell phones and internet; our children will be as well.

4. VOLUNTEERING FOR EVERYTHING. Schools and teachers LOVE when parents come in to help, and your children love to see you during the day! Just remember that nap mentioned in #2.

5. COMPARING YOUR KID TO OTHER KIDS. This one is tough given we see other children and chat with their parents at pick-up and drop-off. The easiest way to put it is to consider how we feel when our abilities/talents are measured against another. Let’s just enjoy our children for who they are and remember how quickly the time flies.

6. COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PARENTS. Reference #5 and enjoy what you can do with your kids when you can.

Happy parenting,

Ms. K

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