Looking at the Stars…

Our LED classroom is becoming more of a community every day.  The students have further settled into the routines and are quickly learning to plan their day with the week’s goals in mind.  We are made proud every day as we witness yet another example of students helping each other with work, with accidents, and to find materials, etc.  It is something to see and we invite our parents to come and enjoy the magic!

Sophia and Dior Triangles Web

Following the origins of the universe and the formation of our earth, the students explored many related concepts:  atoms, matter, the periodic table, mixtures, earth forces, and more.  To add a concrete component to this unit, we have scheduled a field experience with the Cayman Astronomy Society near the end of the month!

We have also moved on to more math, language, and writing objectives.  It has been an action-packed month and the students were proud to celebrate their IXL achievements with a Glow Party.  They also enjoyed holiday math by creating symmetrical Halloween art.

Oisin Jagger Halloween Web
















Halloween Group 2014 Web
















For further information on our goals for November, please select the following link:

November 2014 Goals

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