Happy Holidays!

What a whirlwind first term!  The LED community has shared so much and grown tremendously as individuals and citizens. Friendships have been forged from respect and understanding.  Many of our newer students have come to embrace their independence, yet seek help from their peers when they need it and look to their mentors for guidance.  The older students have begun to evolve into patient role models who are often happy to assist their fellow classmates.

As we neared the end of this term, the Astronomy Field Experience was a great cap to our studies of the origins of the universe.  The students impressed the astronomers with their knowledge while enjoying an up-close view of the moon.  During the month of December, we enjoyed reading The Story of Humans together, which explored the evolution and inventiveness of human kind.  Each child prepared a timeline with drawings of his or her impressions of it must have been like to live as an early human.  We encourage our parents to drop by and view these masterpieces!

As part of understanding early humans, we discussed the path many of them took to understanding their world.  In that light, we studied creation myths, legends, and folktales.  This segued nicely into our discussions about the many different ideas, belief systems, and ways of celebrating various holidays around the world this time of year.  The students thus developed an awareness of and tolerance for beliefs and ideas that may differ from their own and were encouraged to remember the spirit of giving and think of others.

The students enjoyed sharing their workbooks and showing parents the LED classroom during our Open House on December 16th.  Some parents were treated to a demonstration of the materials and we trust it was enlightening.  Thanks to all parents who were able to join us!

We wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons and a prosperous and healthy 2015!

















Please click the link below for more information regarding our upcoming goals for January.  See you next year!

January 2015 Goals

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