“FUN”draising Art Time!

Chair OutsideLED students have been working joyously to create a piece of art out of a chair.  Once again, Ms. Martinne has graciously given her time and talents to guide and assist our little artists.  The piece is coming together wonderfully and the fundraising gala is set for May 22nd.  Please plan to attend the gala, as it is always fantastic and a great opportunity to see what the children can do when they work together.  The monies raised will be put to good use at our school and the students love learning that their art is valued and has a purpose.

Our studies of Europe have begun and the students have learned so much already – its landforms, biomes, countries, national symbols, etc.  As May unfolds, the LED community will eagerly continue its investigations and discovery of the special cultures, traditions, and celebrations of the countries on this continent.  We will also compare what we’ve learned about Europe to our knowledge and experience in the Cayman Islands.  The highlight, as always, will be learning about the variety of foods from Europe, culminating in another wonderful parent luncheon.  The date is set to be May 22nd, which will be confirmed via email.

The NCFA performance was an amazing display of MBTS student talent and poise, as well as Ms. Ana’s dedication.  We congratulate everyone for their hard work and gold certificates!  Our thanks to the parents who were able to attend – it meant a lot to have extra cheerleaders!

NCFA G1 web










NCFA G2_G3 web

In addition to participating in presentations of new objectives throughout May, LED students will continue to practice and master what they’ve learned this past year.  For further details on our goals for May, please select the link below:

May 2015 Goals

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