French at MBTS (Kind-Gr 1; Grs 3-8)


It’s the beginning of another exciting year of French and we can’t wait to get started!

The Kindergartners will be learning about greetings and days of the week over the coming lessons. Grade 1 will be doing a unit on colours.

Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 will all be following the Comete French course programme. This course is progressive and covers many different topics. At the heart of it are plenty of games and songs, and lots of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities to keep our students motivated! To begin with, the Grade 3s will look at greetings and learn how to talk about themselves. Grade 4s will start with a topic on “Family”. Grade 5s will learn about languages in French and learn how to say where they live. Our Grade 6s will learn how to say where things are.

We get much more in-depth in French at the MYP level. Our Grade 7 and 8 students will be following a course entitled Equipe. Grade 7s will do a recap on greetings and the alphabet. They will also learn how to address people in France. The Grade 8 students continue with the second book in the Equipe series and will begin a unit on clothing.


Mme Wendy

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