Welcome to Casa 2015-2016!

We hope you all had a wonderful summer! We are very excited for this upcoming school year!

For the first week in Casa, the children will be introduced to the school environments: classroom, playground, bathrooms, cubbies, kitchen, office, etc. They will learn the accessibility and behavioural expectations for each environment, and how to maintain the beauty and safety of their school (keeping things tidy, treating work carefully/respectfully, cleaning up spills, etc). Children – and parents – will be reminded of the things they need to have at school (hat, lunch, sunscreen, cup, change of clothes, etc.). Children will begin practising how to responsibly take care of their own belongings. Children will be introduced to the people at school: their classmates, teachers, other staff, parents and families. We will model and practice graceful and courteous ways to interact with others. These basics of our Casa program will help your child build a strong foundation for learning within our classroom environment.

This month, our classroom theme is “Me & My Family”. During the month, we will be exploring topics such as “All About Me”, “My Family”, “Our Classroom Family” and “Who are We?”

Team Casa is excited for all this year has in store and seeing some new and familiar faces as school commences. Please join us for our “MBTS Welcome Picnic” on Saturday Sept. 19th on the playground! It is a great chance for everyone to get acquainted and catch up on each other’s Summer!

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