Welcome to Music at MBTS!!!

Welcome to Music !!!!

What a delight to have the students back at school!!  I look forward to sharing my love of music with them, and instilling an appreciation of music into their lives.

September is going to be a fantastic month in music. The Toddlers will be playing with rhythm sticks, shakers and hand drums. My goal is to respect and satisfy children’s need to make noise, while gently guiding them towards expressing themselves musically. The Casa students will be playing rhythm instruments as well and also learning concepts such as up and down, over and under, high and low, soft and loud, short and long, in and out and stop and go.  Rhythm instruments are truly an extraordinary learning tool, and they are so much fun!!!!!!

All of the Elementary and Middle Years students will learn about the Baroque Era composers.

Grades 3 and 4 are learning how to play the recorder, as it is beneficial for them to learn to breathe regularly and to increase their lung capacity. The Grade 5 students will enjoy the steel drums!!!!.Steel Drums are very versatile instruments and can be heard performing music ranging from Christmas carols to pop tunes, and even major orchestral works. The Grade 6s will be very busy playing the Orff, while our Middle Years students will work on the guitar this first term!!

Stay tuned for more!!!

Ms Ana


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