Yoga Club

Yoga Club is off to an exciting and enthusiastic start this year.  With two full classes, MBTS students ages 2.5 – 8 years old are enjoying the benefits and fun that Yoga Club has to offer.

Our yogis have focused on their breathing, examined “tricky feelings” and learned about things they can do when these feelings visit them. We have experimented with partner poses, jogged through jungles, and transformed into various animals via yoga poses.  No matter where our yoga practice takes us, we always end each class with a calming, peaceful guided relaxation, complete with eye pillows and calming foot spray.

Yoga Club with Ms Sarah from Yoga Sprouts ( takes place on Mondays for Casa students, and Tuesdays for Lower Elementary students.  Registration for our Winter term opens in December, so please look out for further information in an upcoming newsletter.

We hope to see your little one on the mat soon!

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