November in Casa: Bugs and Boomerangs!

As the spooktacular month of October draws to a close in Casa, we had fun bidding it “boo-bye” in style with a costume/pajama party on the final day of school before the half-term break.  On November 2nd, Casa teachers and students will be returning to school rested, rejuvenated, and ready for a new month full of learning and excitement!

In October we had a brief introduction to the 7 continents. November will mark our first month-long and in-depth exploration of an individual continent: Australasia.  We will learn about its history, geography, climate, and culture, and about many of the amazing creatures that reside on its land and in its waters.

Coincidentally, our continent of focus will be complimented nicely by our creepy crawly November theme: Bugs!  We are certain Australasia will provide many amazing insects worthy of inspection, and we shall also learn about bugs from around the globe and even spend a special week dedicated to those found right here in the Cayman Islands.

In November, we will be embarking on our much-anticipated and very first Casa field trip of the school year! Stay tuned for further details.

Have a wonderful ‘boo’reak and see you in November!

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