Art Teacher


I am Miss Helene and I am the new Art and Drama teacher at Montessori By The Sea.

Some of you will perhaps recognize me from previous years working in and around the school. I am very excited to be teaching  Art and Drama this year, working with Lower Elementary,  Upper Elementary and Middle Years, and I feel we are already off to a Great start getting to know each other and getting busy making art.

I hope to incorporate some of the  units  from the classrooms into our art activities. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect new learning and children’s interest to develop ideas through a creative process of expression.

When not teaching you can usually find me in the mornings in the school office, Specialty Room or art area upstairs. Please feel free to come and see me with any thoughts and ideas or send me an email at


Miss Helene

” We cannot teach a person to be an artist but we can help him develop an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, and a soul that feels”

Maria Montessori

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