Farmer Clarence Brings Freshness to MBTS!



Last Tuesday, the side path along MBTS was livened up with the fresh produce and warm smile of Farmer Clarence McLaughlin.

Farmer Clarence, as he is affectionately known by many in the local community, is very excited to bring his lovingly-grown local product to MBTS every other Tuesday. Based on the empty bins and crates left at the end of the day, his fresh vegetables, fruits, coconut water and jelly, and eggs were extremely popular!

MBTS is delighted to have Farmer Clarence become a part of the school community. With this in mind, we asked Farmer Clarence to share a little bit about himself with the MBTS Crest & Current:

How did you find your path in becoming a farmer? What inspired you to go in that direction?

I love to help and educate people to eat healthy, fresh local produce because there’s a lack of local produce in the Cayman Islands.

What do you love most about being a farmer?

To be around nature and to be able to produce local fruits and vegetables.

Where do you grow your produce? Do you supply other businesses and/or participate in other farmers’ markets on the island?

We produce a variety of fruits and vegetables, and we do go to the Camana Bay Farmers’ Market every Wednesday and Saturday. We also do pop-up markets in schools and local businesses.

What challenges do you encounter as a farmer?

Having adequate fresh water and fertile soil.

What’s in season during these cooler months around Christmas time, and what produce can we expect during your next visit?

During this season, it is great time for greens like lettuce, spinach, arugula, and of course, tomatoes.

What is your favourite thing to grow and/or eat? Why is that your favourite?

Mustard greens and tomatoes are my favourite. They both have a fantastic flavour and taste I really love.

As a steward of the environment and a farmer, what words of wisdom would you share with the children of MBTS?

For the children to try to learn how to eat healthy at an early age, and that they should not forget that the ecosystem of the world is very fragile – human beings can’t exist without a healthy environment.


Farmer Clarence will be back at MBTS on Tuesday, November 28th. See you there with your shopping bag!


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