An African Adventure in LED

On December 11th, the Lower Elementary Downstairs class hosted its African Project Display Day, and invited all of the parents into the classroom to embark upon an adventure into this vast and beautiful continent.

The children were incredibly proud to share their projects with their parents as well as other visitors, and eagerly shared their favourite tidbits of information from their research. Many of the children completed projects on animals, biomes, and/or various countries in Africa. It is of note that the children conducted the research and the writing of their projects as independently as possible, and this was evident in how knowledgeable they were about their topics.

We were very fortunate to be able to warm-up our public speaking skills with a few Grade 4 students from the Upper Elementary East class, who came for a sneak peek of our projects. The children loved being “interviewed” by their older peers about their projects, and beamed with pride as they shared their hard work.

The children’s creative responses were also on display: vivid pop-up habitats that brought the savanna and rainforests to life, as well as dioramas and sculptures that beautifully depicted various biomes, animals and landmarks. These wonderfully creative, artistic components of the project are incredible synthesizers of the children’s knowledge, enabling them to express what they have learned in a way that sparks their imaginations.

Thank you to all of the families who were able to attend this week’s Africa Project Display Day. Your presence, interest and support were deeply appreciated by the children and the teachers!

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