An Island Christmas at MBTS

The children of MBTS joyfully brought the holidays home to our island this Saturday, during this year’s annual holiday concert, “An Island Christmas.” Families and friends all came together at Mary Miller Hall to share in the children’s magical and musical celebration of the wonders of Christmas and our island home.

Under the guidance of specialist teachers Ms. Ana, Ms. Helene and Ms. Michelle, the students creatively wove together a wonderful tale of elves and pirates who have very different notions of Christmas. The jolliest pirate of all, Whitebeard (a.k.a. Santa Claus) emerges from the North Pole to bring everyone together, and help the once-marauding pirates discover the true and selfless spirit of the season.

Every child at MBTS played a part in the spectacular show, with each class and level performing at least one song, some Lower Elementary children confidently serving as hosts, and Upper Elementary and Middle Years children playing speaking parts with dramatic aplomb and expression.

MBTS would like to thank all of the children for their brilliant efforts on stage, the families and friends who came out and supported the students during the performance, and all of the staff who made the production possible. Special thanks also go to the MBTS Parents’ Guild and Mise en Place, who provided delicious treats and refreshments to make the concert experience even more delightful.

We hope that you all enjoyed the show, and that the spirit of Christmas fills your hearts with the warmth and wonder of the holiday season!

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