Athleticism and Empathy in Upper Elementary

Physical Education at MBTS offers many rich opportunities to not only strengthen the body but to also nurture the spirit, through leadership, camaraderie and care for others. 

January brought Upper Elementary students a wonderful opportunity to sharpen their football skills, as we welcomed special guest Coach Peter to the school for several forty-minute instruction sessions. Coach Peter, who hails from the Netherlands, coaches Total Soccer and brings a wealth of experience from playing with one of Belgium’s top youth clubs, KAA Gent. He livened up the children’s game with fun and fast-paced games, and some very nifty tricks.

Some unexpected changes in the Specialty schedule this month brought about some amazing opportunities for the Grade Five students to exercise leadership and compassion for their younger friends. They were very excited to take on the role of mentors and helpers during a few Toddler PE sessions, and they fulfilled this responsibility with flying colours! They did an amazing job setting up safe and stimulating obstacle courses for our young Toddler friends, animatedly sang and led circle time, and demonstrated genuine joy and delight as they helped the little ones carefully play with balls and hoops, and navigate balance beams.

This experience was such a success with both the Toddlers and the Upper Elementary students that, with the support of their classroom teachers, we are now creating a schedule that will enable the Upper Elementary children to volunteer their time to help out with the Toddler PE class on a regular basis.

This was a heartwarming way to bring the truest goals of physical education and sport to the forefront: to celebrate the awesome capabilities of the body and the infinite capacity of the heart.


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