Egg-citing News from LEU!

Surprisingly, a hen laid one white and shiny egg near the cups and water cooler on the playground! The next day another egg appeared. Then, once the second egg was laid, Ms. Michelle moved the eggs because the chicken was pooping on the cups! The eggs were moved by the side of the path in the bushes, where you enter and exit the playground. So be sure to look out for a hen in a crate next time you walk by.

I brought the hen some water and food, but after researching all about chickens, I found out she didn’t need it. When hens are broody they don’t actually need food or water or to use the bathroom! Imagine not eating or using the bathroom for twenty-one days!

In class we made a chart to mark off the days of incubation. Once the hen has begun sitting on the eggs, it takes twenty-one days for them to hatch. We think the due date is around
February 1st . Look out for her and her MBTS baby chicks!

Written by Ethan B., LEU

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