Inspired Learning in Upper Elementary: The Winter Olympics

Project-Based Learning in Upper Elementary

IMG_0327So far this year, the Upper Elementary children have immensely enjoyed researching and conducting projects. Project-based learning is an integral component of the Upper Elementary environment, and we are always so proud of the children’s abilities to follow their own interests, research project ideas and work collaboratively. The students are also developing excellent presentation skills in the process, and their ability to speak publicly and articulate their thoughts is impressive.

In line with the students’ interest in research and presentation, this term we have been excited to launch a project-based learning focus on the Winter Olympics. We wanted to provide the children with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a comprehensive project, and independently make cross-curricular connections. The theme of the Winter Olympics has been present in all areas of learning, which we hoped would allow the children to fully explore the project and really enjoy it.

To launch the project, the children partnered off and each group was given a country on which they were to conduct research. The children’s energy and enthusiasm for this project have been amazing. It has been possible for true cross-curricular links to be made as language, culture, math and geometry were seamlessly integrated into the deep exploration of the Winter Olympics.

IMG_0326In Math, the students have researched and presented data on the Olympic medals in clear and organized graphs, explored averages and discussed patterns. In Geometry, students have designed and built three-dimensional models of Olympic event stadiums.

Language has seen the children take on different genres of writing to present different aspects of the Olympics. They persuaded ticket buyers of the best Olympic event to attend and debated their points against one another. The students have also developed descriptive and informative writing skills, which they applied to informative presentations about the Olympics. The content of the presentations has been phenomenal.

The students have dived really deeply into the culture and geography of their countries, and have presented what they have learned in informative, engaging ways. Our collaborative study on the Winter Olympics project will draw to a close at the end of the half-term, with a celebratory afternoon spent sharing the national dishes of our Olympic countries.




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