Bringing Literature to Life with Storyboards

Throughout this term, the Grade Six and Seven students have been working diligently on their Storyboard Projects. This piece of work included creating a large project board based on a book of their own choosing. They were required to explore the plot, setting, conflict, resolution, theme, and purpose of their novels. In addition, they also used their creativity to make their storyboards stand out!

Many of the students submitted their final project to the CIIP Storyboard Competition, which was held on Saturday, March 24th, at the George Town Public Library. There were over a hundred students in the competition, ranging in age from five to eighteen years old. Our MBTS students each earned a certificate for their participating in the competition. We are all very proud of their hard work!

A big thank you to the Upper Elementary East class, who generously shared their classroom space with the Grade Six and Seven students to showcase the storyboards, and also to the Upper Elementary West class for coming to take a look at the exhibit on March 5th!


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