MBTS Has Got Talent!

On March 28th, students from Lower and Upper Elementary bravely and gamely took to the stage to share their talents during the MBTS Community Talent Show. (Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the photo gallery of the performers.)

This student-organized show was spearheaded by Grade Three and Grade Two students from the Lower Elementary Downstairs class, with the purpose of raising funds for the Cayman Islands Humane Society. The student organizers went through every step of the planning process, including booking dates for the hall,  creating posters and making announcements in different classrooms for the event, arranging the order of performers, writing the script for the show, selling tickets and adding up all of the proceeds. This project was a wonderful, real-life way to integrate and apply skills in so many areas, from writing and mathematics to grace and courtesy.

The talent show was attended by many staunch “fans” – families and friends whose support and enthusiasm were invaluable in encouraging the young performers to get up on stage and simply share a talent. Performances displayed a variety of skills and abilities, including dancing, sleight of hand and magic, acting, singing, playing the piano, recorder and violin, gymnastics, rollerblading, hula-hooping, and even beatboxing and breakdancing!

We were heartened to see students as young as six or seven muster up the courage to perform on stage, and every student who participated garnered heartfelt, enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. Thanks to the performers’ generosity of spirit, and thanks to the support of the families and friends who purchased tickets for the show, $235.50 was raised, and will all be donated to support the worthy work of the Cayman Islands Humane Society. Thank you for making the very first MBTS Community Talent Show a success!

Thanks as well to all of the teachers and administrators who cooperated with the student organizers and who were instrumental in making the talent show happen. Special thanks go to Ms. Ana, for lending all of the musical equipment and helping set up the microphones, and to Ms. Stacey, for kindly taking such lovely photos throughout the show. A big thank-you as well to the Rossiter, Alban and Pollard Families for their help in cleaning up after the talent show!


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